The Core - This music group regularly leads Sunday morning and Wednesday evening worship services.This is a volunteer (non-auditioned) small group that often sings contemporary Christian music. We welcome both instrumentalists and vocalists looking to help others experience the joy of worshipping through music. Rehearsals during the school year are Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm in the Grace chapel. Summer rehearsals vary. Please talk with Ronnie Lease to learn more details.

Pick Up Choir - This group focuses on vocalists who are not able to commit to practicing on a weekly basis, but would love to help lead the worship music on a more flexible schedule. On the second Sunday of each month, we encourage those who love to sing 4-part choral harmonies to join us in leading the worship music. This group practices during the school year on the Wednesday evening before the 2nd Sunday at 7:30 pm in the Grace Chapel. All are welcome!

F.L.Y. - Faith, Love, Youth. This teen ministry focuses on worship leadership and participation for Sundays and beyond. Through a variety of media our middle school and high school students work on various projects with the goal of regularly leading in worship. We also strive to be a community reaching out in mission and faith with the love of Christ. Recognizing that life can be daily faith-filled worship we are growing young hearts into lives of loving service.


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